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Why Me?

What would you need to know to begin?

Suppose the owner of the company for which you work called you in one day and told you that he wanted you to make a trip for him. Or suppose the mayor of your city did this, calling and asking you to make a trip on his behalf. What if the governor of your state or even the President of the United States called you with such a request?

What are the questions that you would need answered in order to successfully carry out the wishes of the one who called you?

Almost immediately, most all of us would think of questions such as these:

  • Why me?

  • Why am I going?

  • Where do you want me to go?

  • Who do you want me to see?

  • What do you want me to do? What am I to accomplish?

  • When am I to go and for how long?

Hearing the answers to these questions would give us the big picture or sense of the trip. So then we probably would begin to ask about such details as:

  • What is my budget?

  • How will I get there? By what means can I travel?

  • Is there a particular route you want me to take?

By now, as you hear the answers to your questions, you probably have a reasonably clear picture and plan in your mind for making this trip and doing what you have been asked. In this mental image, you can "see" yourself being and doing what is required. Sure, you may feel some anxiety and trepidation about it; it may be something you've never done before. You may recognize the need to make specific preparations in order to be ready. But still, you can see yourself making the trip. If you can't, you probably are going to decline the request.

Think about the spiritual parallel to this very scenario. Every one of us who claims the name of Jesus has been called. We've been called by Someone far more significant than any of the scenarios described above. The One Who has called us is Jesus, God’s Son and Anointed One -- our Savior, our Lord, our King, our Master, the One Who created us, the One Who redeemed us.

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