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What Do You Mean the Church Is Not Making Disciples!?

Is there research to back up the claim that the church is not making many disciples, or is it a belief based simply on impressions and personal experience? Can this be confirmed objectively?


I won’t belabor you with data, but let me give you five snapshots of research I’ve come across since the turn of the millennium. I share these succinct summaries not to depress or discourage you. Rather, let them be as cold water splashed on one’s face, to give you a jolt of reality, a wake-up call. I want you to be stirred, even vexed, in your spirit by the extent to which we are failing to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission and the awful consequences in society and the Church because of it. Frankly, I expect you to be so troubled by what you see that you cannot help but be moved personally to change your perspective, your purpose, and your priorities. I hope you’ll be moved to take bold, intentional, enduring action that will positively affect your own walk with Jesus, as well as that of others in your family, church and spheres of influences. In this particular blog post, I'll share the first snapshot.

1. Consider the destruction , if not demise, of families in America:

  • 24 million (1/3) children under 18 don’t live with their biological fathers

  • 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce

  • Divorce affects 1 million children every year

  • 2/5 of all children are born out of wedlock (This is now above 50% for women younger than 30, and greater than 70% among African-Americans)

  • 2/3 of all children aren’t expected to live with both biological parents through age 18 (From No Man Left Behind, Patrick Morley et al, Moody Press, 2006, 31)

What word(s) would you choose to describe God’s heart regarding this picture of society?

With what words would you describe your heart about this picture of society?

We will discuss the next snapshot in our next blog.

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