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Hasn’t Everything That Can Be Said about “Discipleship” Already Been Said? Think Again

Do we really need another blog about disciplemaking -- or “discipleship,” as most Christians would say? Aren’t there enough good blogs on this subject already? Hasn’t everything that can be said about “discipleship” already been said?

Actually, this is not just a blog about disciplemaking in the traditional sense. Even though I do hope to (re)convince you, the reader, to become involved in helping another person grow spiritually, this is not only about that. Furthermore, even though I want you to end up better equipped to disciple someone else, this is not only about that either.

First and foremost, I’ve discovered that God wants this blog series to help YOU more effectively grow spiritually and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I am convinced that no one can take someone else to where he himself has not gone. Consequently, my underlying premise is this: We will be much more effective in helping others grow spiritually when we first understand God's aim and means for growing us spiritually.

Thus, while all of this discussion will help you in making disciples of others, most of it will, first of all, help you personally to better understand:

  1. where you are presently on your own spiritual journey; and

  2. how you can accelerate and maximize your growth to becoming a disciple who walks with God, succeeds in life, and makes a difference in the world, starting in your sphere of influence.

In many respects, this blog series deals with the “science” of spiritual growth. At first blush, that may seem like a strange juxtaposition of words. Because of our culture, we tend to think that science and spiritual matters don't mix, that the two are antithetical. And many view “spiritual growth” as something mystical or transcendent.

But the dictionary says the first definition of “science” is: “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” With that definition in mind, I would contend that we desperately need some science applied to spiritual growth! Why? Because there is much misunderstanding and even ignorance about spiritual growth. In fact, even though this builds on the work and writings of others, I don’t recall ever hearing a message that pulls together all the topics addressed in this blog. This series may well be unique in that regard.

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