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Bringing It All Together – A Definition of Disciplemaking

What are the key insights or truths we have learned so far that can help us frame a clear, compelling definition of disciplemaking?

This would be my summary of key conclusions that we have talked about in previous blogs:

  • Disciplemaking is different from the other functions commonly listed for the Church. Disciplemaking is both an input into a person’s life (as he or she is discipled by a more mature person) and an overflow from his or her life (as he or she disciples another person coming up the faith trail behind him or her.)

  • Disciplemaking is THE priority function of the Church. Because God has charged them with leading socially and spiritually, MEN should be in the bull’s eye of that function.

  • Disciplemaking doesn’t just happen and can’t be done on a mass scale; it must be intentional and personal.

  • Believers, Followers, and Disciples are not the same; they are at different points on their spiritual journeys.

  • Disciplemaking and Discipleship are not the same.

  • Disciplemaking is the process or activity of producing a disciple.

  • Discipleship is the state, quality, or condition of being a disciple.

  • A disciple is the product of disciplemaking and the prerequisite for discipleship.

  • One can begin to engage in discipling others (overflow disciplemaking from him) before he has finished being discipled (input disciplemaking to him).

  • “Spiritual success” (maturity) is getting to God’s end of His telescope, where we have a complete foundation from which we increasingly know Him and see and live life His way (with His Perspective).

  • Spiritual growth involves transformation, and comes by watching for – and even seeking out – “kairos moments” from which we can cooperate with God as we work through His Transformation Cycle. Repeatedly doing this puts us on God’s “Slinky” to maturity.

  • Spiritual growth is not a “solo sport.” God’s Transformation Cycle is predicated on others walking through the process with us in intimate, trusting, accountable relationships. We will progress father and faster if at least one of these others is a Disciplemaker – someone whose intentional desire and plan is to help us become spiritually mature disciplemakers.

The Essence of Disciplemaking

Intentionally helping a fellow believer - as an act of faith - seek and yield to, rather than avoid and resist, God's attempts to transform him through repenting - by rethinking his own ways, the "old man" (encumbrances, entangling sin, etc.) - and believing - trusting God's way and the power of the Holy Spirit to let the "new man" (Christ in him) show forth.

Here are some scripture passages that reflect disciplemaking:

  • Mark 1:15

  • Romans 12:1-2

  • Hebrews 12:1-2

  • 2 Peter 1:3-8

Short Definition of Disciplemaking

One friend intentionally helping another gain a Gospel-transformed view of God, himself, others, and the world through repenting and believing.

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